Contact and Return Information

The codes we sell have all been verified with our account, and we can guarantee they are valid when shipping them to you.

It is the customer's responsibility to know what codes they have redeemed, as there is currently no overview of codes redeemed on an account.


Contact us via our support desk if you have any issues or questions.


To refund, please visit the Order Details page under your account. You will receive a gift card for the same amount spent on the code after completing the refund process. This process can take time as the code will be verified as not used and sold before you get a gift card. The gift card will appear in your account and be sent to your email.

Start by clicking the Refund button on the order you want to refund and specify which codes in the order you want to return and the reason.

Order Details

After specifying the reason for the refund and selecting which codes to refund, an administrator will check your case, and after checking if it is unused, it will be put up for sale.

Order Details

After a successful sale, you will receive an email with your gift cards. They can also be viewed under your account -> Gift Cards

Order Details